Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ishq Ka Ain By Aleem ul Haq Haqqi

Aleem ul Haqqi is one of the most read writers of this era. He is writing in top class popular urdu digests for more than 20 years. His writing style and flight of imagination is outclass and he has produced some master piece in urdu literature. One of them is Ishq ka Ain. Infact Ishq ka ain made him famous all over Pakistan. The novel is based on a journey from human-love (ishq-e-majazi) to GOD-love (ishq-e-haqiqi). A story of person, who was running away from love and left his home town to avoid love but ultimately fell in love. The novel is so popular it was first published in digest, later in book form and after that was dramatized and aired by PTV (Pakistan Television Network) with the same name (to cash novels popularity). Later he wrote Ishq ka Sheen, but he could only manage to write half of that huge novel due to his poor health. The second part of the novel wrote someone else
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